Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rethinking my style

Maybe I am actually developing a style, the last week was hard but enjoyable. If you follow the blog you can see that for my hand-in on the 20th of January most of my work was digitally produced. This not only took ages but also didn't offer me much pleasure when I was working to create it.

After going to Lille I saw how important drawing and hand made models are to a project. They are personal and have character.

I enjoy drawing and rendering by hand and really began to make a move towards making a style for myself.

I am a bit worried about the timing of my decision as the year and the course is nearly over!

But I am confident that this decision is the right one and I the first step in developing myself as a true designer and landscape architect.

Morning in Greenwich... sun and sketches... should of got a beer too


Trying out a new style of combining sketching and minimal photoshop elements.

Plan March 10 - Interim Crit

All drawn by hand and scanned onto the computer. Then hand rendering was done and also scanned in.
Annotations added and Key positioned. 


A great and enjoyable workshop was put together by theUniversity of Greenwich and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille.

The workshop was hard work but very rewarding! 

Waking up on Thursday at 7:30 am and staying awake for 24 hours till Friday morning, was fun, but, at least there was enough coffee, good teammates and a lot of jazz music =p 

I only had one hour of sleep on Friday, in order to get things prepared for the presentation, I finally slept in the early hours of Saturday as after the presentation we went out in town!

Our Sheets which we pinned up for the Presentation

 Presentation Setup